Food – that builds the body, alleviates the hunger and sustains the soul. Food that brings back the memories of life; that makes you reminisce those carefree days of your childhood, when, half-awake in your bed in those festive mornings, you savored the sweet smell of your favorite dish wafting from your mother’s kitchen. Oh – the memories!

Welcome to Bengali Home Cooking. We started in 2006 to showcase Bengali and Indian cuisines. The basics of Bengali food are old and tradition bound. Crops are harvested from the fields; fish picked from the ponds and rivers. And the milk is gathered from the cows. These are then transformed into many varieties of tasty foods and sweet desserts.

At Bengali Home Cooking we strive to teach our viewers how to cook the cuisine of the Bengal region. Our channel started out with the objective to teach our college-bound kids how to re-create home-cooked meal away from home. Thanks to our viewers, our channel and our objective have grown. In this age of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, we should know the foods that our biological system has been adapted to over generations. Scientific evidence abounds that adopting new foods leads to new ailments. We should relearn our traditional foods.

Our roots are in East Bengal and we grew up in West Bengal before migrating to the United States and settling in California. Though we have the privilege to enjoy many cuisines from around the world, which we occasionally do, it is our Bengali food that we finally settle into at the end of the day.

We thank you for stopping by our website.

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